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HEXAD Collective was founded by Daniel Gethin in 2019, specialising in vocal chamber music, underpinned by an interest in different 6 voice textures, imaginative programming, regular commission, and education through contemporary music. The ensemble comprises 8 regular members, granting flexibility to allow the unique resonance of different pairings of voices within the group to shine through.


HEXAD Collective is also unique in having two composer-singers as part of its regular membership, permanent composers-in-residence with differing musical outlooks, providing a platform for new music and innovative events. The composers are therefore given full rein to create new music and work on these pieces from their perspective within the group.

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Artistic Director

Daniel Gethin embarked on a career as a Countertenor and Choral Director after reading English at Cambridge University, singing first at New College, Oxford as a lay clerk before moving to London, where he sings with St Paul’s Cathedral, Temple Church and the Brompton Oratory. He has worked with vocal ensembles such as The Sixteen, EXAUDI, English Concert, Academy of Ancient Music, La Nuova Musica and Ex Cathedra, and has sung for conductors including David Skinner, Laurence Cummings and Andrew Parrott. He is a member of Vox Medicea, an ensemble founded by the Medici Archive Project which seeks to revive Florentine Polyphony during the era of the Medici family, singing from part-books.  He has also worked for the charity Pimlico Musical Foundation as a Teacher-Singer since its conception in 2018, combining his love for singing and education.

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